Meet Our Groomers

sandy Sandy – Groomer

Sandy has been a professional groomer for 33 years, and is a graduate of the New York School of Dog Grooming. She’s been a groomer at RGG for almost 30 years. Sandy relishes the variety and challenges that make each day interesting for a dog groomer. She also loves working with animals, and helping each dog look their best. Sandy enjoys grooming all breeds of dogs, but Boxers are her favorite, and she owns a 3 year old Boxer named Destiny. Besides grooming, Sandy loves doing things outside – hiking, biking and picnicking are her favorites. She also likes finding “treasures” at flea markets, much to the delight of her family and friends (she finds some great stuff!) Someday Sandy hopes to either retire or take over the world. Until then, she’s happy to keep grooming!

KathyKathy – Groomer

Prior to becoming a groomer, Kathy enjoyed working in the claims department for an insurance company. Then she got a Giant Schnauzer, Ch Skanskins Deck the Halls CGC. She learned how to groom Holly for shows and liked it so much she decided to switch careers and become a groomer! Robbye trained Kathy how to groom all breeds, although terriers, especially schnauzers, are her favorite. A lifetime dog lover, Kathy loves her job and sometimes can’t believe she gets paid to do it. She also enjoys therapy work with Holly, especially Reading with Rover. Kathy also loves cooking and baking, often using ingredients from her garden. She enjoys spending time at the shore with her friends and family. Kathy looks forward to learning more about the art of handstripping terriers and incorporates it in her everyday terrier grooming.

KaseyKasey – Groomer

Kasey is a straight up awesome dog person! Having worked for vets and kennels most of her life, Kasey decided on a career in grooming. She joined RGG 10 years ago and received expert training from Robbye. She loves getting to work with dogs all day and loves ’em all! French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Golden Retrievers and mutts are just some of her favorites. Kasey is a free spirit who likes doing her own thing, which usually involves playing with her pets! In addition to dogs, she has a variety of interesting birds, including a cockatoo that enjoys car trips. Kasey also likes hanging out with her friends, hiking, being on the beach, and doing projects at home.

PhotoGrid_1401660002818 Donna – Groomer

A homemaker that tried a variety of part time jobs, Donna discovered her passion for grooming and turned that into a career she loves. Her favorite part is seeing the transformation and watching a happy, well groomed dog go home with their owner. Bouviers are Donna’s favorite breed, and also her specialty. It’s no surprise that Oscar the Bouvier joined her family, which also includes Mocha, the hound mix, and Pepper the cat. When she’s not playing or walking with her pups, Donna enjoys sewing and reading. Donna likes to take things one day at a time, and welcomes the unexpected – as long as it involves being with animals!

LynnLynn – Groomer

Lynn and her husband owned two Cold Stone Creameries, but Lynn decided to follow her love for dogs and joined the team at RGG. Five years ago, Robbye began teaching her how to groom and Lynn has been perfecting her skills ever since. She loves learning about grooming and attends seminars and workshops twice a year. While she loves all dogs, her favorite grooms include poodles in stylized, breed specific clips, and less common breeds, like Chinese Cresteds and Bedlington Terriers. Lynn also likes helping puppies learn to enjoy grooming, as well as teaching grumpier dogs that grooming isn’t so bad. Lynn’s three dogs, Carly, JT, and Gracie are all much loved rescue pups. Lynn looks forward to expanding her grooming skills by learning different breed clips, and maybe even enter a grooming competition.

Staci – Groomer

Staci has been a professional pet groomer for over 28 years. She had groomed at RGG years ago, and is happy to be back! Staci has always wanted to do two things in her life; groom dogs and raise a family. She’s quite successful at both! Staci treats every dog as if it was a part of her own family. She loves German Shepherds, but says Schnauzers and Airedales are her favorite to groom. When not grooming, Staci is spending time with her family – both human and canine.